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Welcome to Andersen Stringed Instruments. I was sixteen when I built my first guitar – Richard Nixon was president, gas cost less than a dollar a gallon per gallon and American-made guitars were pretty much limited to a few names like Gibson, Martin and Fender. Within ten years of that first guitar, I was earning my living as a guitar maker.

Today, there are hundreds (or thousands) of guitar makers in the United States. I occupy a specialized slice of that market, focusing primarily on carved archtop guitars. The archtop guitar is an instrument that is difficult to build in a factory-type setting, but rather demands hands-on treatment and a keen sense of intuition. In my shop, every step from selecting materials to finishing and set-up is done by one person – me. I build guitars one at a time, completing around 12 per year.

The archtop guitars I offer range from traditional style, such as the Emerald City and Metropolitan with extensive Art Deco inlays, to the very modern Gold Standard. Among the more popular models I make are the StreamLine, a handmade “non-custom” model designed to offer a high quality handmade guitar at an affordable price, and the Electric Archie, a small-body, full featured guitar that many players find extremely comfortable to play.

I recently added a guitar for sale, located under the Currently Available tab above; A new Model 16 built with red spruce and German maple. This page is a substitute for the feature I used to call Fresh Fish.

I hope you’ll take a look at the instruments I offer. If anything intrigues you and you’d like to know more, feel free to call or email.

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