Engelmann Spruce guitar tops

  • Price: $50

    Over many years I have purchased a large amount of various tonewoods for my guitars. Generally speaking, Engelmann spruce is my preferred choice for archtop guitar soundboards. It is lightweight, stiff, and tends to produce a warm, balanced guitar.

    Most of the Engelmann spruce available today comes from British Columbia. In the past I have made several large purchases of archtop billets from tonewood suppliers, and in the course of re-sawing this wood for my guitars I often end up with pieces that are not thick enough to build an archtop, but can be sawn into sets for flattop guitars. Engelmann is a great sounding tonewood for flattops as well as archtop guitars.

    I am offering some of the wood I have accumulated over the years to builders of flattops.  This wood was harvested in 2005 and supplied to me by a tonewood supplier on Vancouver Island. It is the same material I use on my guitars, and I can attest to its high quality. These sets are priced at $50 for 4A quality, and $40 for 3A, with discount for quantity purchases. Contact me for more information.

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