Prototype Archtop

  • Serial No. “Prototype #1”-Built 2005

    This guitar was built in 2005 when I was considering having an archtop model made in china. I was dealing with a shop that makes violins. My goal was to have them build guitars to my specification, to be imported and sold to stores in this country. I made this particular guitar as a prototype that I sent to them to use as a model. Long story short, after three years and 6 samples built by the violin makers, I decided to discontinue the project.

    Which brings us to this particular guitar. It resided in the Chinese violin shop for about three years. I had it sent back to me in 2008. When built originally, it was unfinished, just bare wood. When I got it back I applied my usual nitrocellulose lacquer.

    Just to be clear, this guitar was made entirely in my Seattle shop by me. The tuners are made in the US. The case is from Canada. There is nothing “imported” about this guitar, except for the fact that it was in China for a while, then came back to Seattle.

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