Double Top

  • This guitar incorporates a top formed by laminating two very thin layers of Engelmann spruce with a center core of a composite Kevlar material called Nomex. It is inspired by the recent work of a number of innovative makers of classical and flattop guitars. The two spruce layers are each slightly more than 1 mm thick, and the Nomex core is 2 mm thick. The resulting plate is approximately the same thickness as a carved spruce top, but is about half the weight, with similar stiffness. The term “double top” is used to describe a soundboard built in this manner. The back is carved from solid maple, and other specs are similar other 16″ models I make.

    Flattop and classical builders have reported increased volume and clarity in guitars built in this manner. Most players find this guitar to be louder, with more sustain than a similar 16″ archtop of traditional construction. In keeping with building the guitar to be a resonant as possible, this guitar has a very thin oil finish.

    Here is a short video produced by the Fretboard Journal showing some of the steps involved in creating the double top plate: In addition, you can see and hear Bill Frisell giving the guitar a try.

    • 16″ body width
    • 24.9″ scale length
    • Finish options: oil finish (as shown) or standard lacquer
    • Please inquire about availability
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