Little Archie

  • This guitar design arose from conversations I had with Bill Frisell concerning a guitar he could travel with. Since building the first “Little Archie” for Bill in 1996, I’ve found the appeal of a small, easily carried archtop to be wider than I had expected. The lower bout is 14″, and the body depth 2″ or 2.5″. Yet the guitar is “full-sized” in the areas that really count: Scale length, neck size and shape, and bridge and soundboard design. Because I consider this a professional or performer’s guitar, a “floating” magnetic pickup is included. The “Little Archie” sounds incredible plugged in, and is surprisingly resistant to feedback.

    Standard features:

    • Engelmann Spruce soundboard
    • 2″ or 2.5″ body depth
    • 14″ body width
    • 24.9″ or 25.4″ Scale length
    • Waverly tuners
    • Lollar Johnny Smith pickup
    • Nickel plated Deco style tailpiece
    • Please inquire about availability
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