• The Vanguard combines carved, solid wood top, back, and sides with a mounted pickup. There are several advantages when building the pickup and controls into the top as opposed to the floating style. There are more pickups to choose from; some players prefer the amplified tone of a mounted pickup over a floater; there is more range to the adjustments of pickup and pole piece height; controls and jack are more conveniently located. The use of carved plates and solid woods allows a very good acoustic tone to match up with a distinctive amplified sound.

    Standard features:

    • Your choice of top mounted pickup
    • Engelmann Spruce soundboard
    • 3″ body depth
    • Scale length: 24.75″ or 24.9″
    • Waverly tuners
    • 16″, 17″ or 18″ body width
    • Please inquire about availability


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